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In-Home and Community Support

In-Home and Community Support is a direct (face to face) service that can be rendered in your home or out and about in your community.

This service is designed to help individuals acquire, maintain and improve self-help, domestic, socialization and adaptive skills that are necessary to live successfully in home and community-based settings.

Services consist of supporting individuals in the general areas of self-care, communication, motor skills, mobility, personal adjustment, developing relationships, socialization, and accessing community resources.

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Respite Care

Respite care either in the consumer’s home or away from their home is provided to supervise and support individuals living in the community on a short-term basis.  This service provides relief for families and care givers of individuals with special needs.

Community Participation Support 

Community Participation Support provides opportunities and support for community inclusion and building interest in and developing skills and potential for competitive integrated employment.

Behavior Support

Behavior Support include the functional assessment; the development of strategies to support an individual based upon their assessment and training to individuals, staff, relatives and caregivers.  The individual’s family members, staff or others involved in the individual’s life may be included in the service.

Supported Employment Services

Supported employment services consists of job finding and job support.

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Housing Tenancy

Appropriate housing is often hard to find and obtain.  It is also often difficult for individuals to maintain their homes in their community. Housing Transition and Tenancy Sustaining Services are designed to assist individuals with tenancy in their own homes, whether rented, leased, or owned.

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